Alex Arnold

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"We love films and storytelling as people. It's just a human compulsion to listen to and tell stories." - Mychael Danna

Music for Film & Video

Music plays a crucial part in telling a story. It emphasizes what we see on the screen or stage, and foretells of what is to come. Creating a custom soundscape elevates any video by perfectly flowing with the action and effortlessly syncing up with your edits. Tell the story you want to tell.

Cinematic Scoring Examples:

Ode to a Grandmother


The Warrior

All Things Must End...

Modern Composition

Creating a piece of music for me is always a collaborative process. Writing new music is always done with the players in mind and, because of this, I can shape and mold the scores to the idiosyncrasies of each player. I am always open to working with any artist to write new music that speaks to you. Let's create a piece!

Examples of PDF scores (please contact for licensing and parts):

1. Water on the Moon - for cello & electronics

2. Infiltration (collaboration with Craig Lang) - for Orchestra & Electronics

3. From the Dark They Came - for Soprano & Orchestra

Music for Theatre

I have worked on several scores for live theatre including Dalhousie's "She Herself is a Haunted House" and Margot Dionne's production of "Raven's in the Rain". Working on live theatre gives the unique opportunity to write music for unknown action. Even the best actors stray from timing from night to night and this unpredictability guides the music into something that will feel natural in any situation. I'd love to be a part of your next live theatre production!

Score Examples:

The Gates of Purgatory

Song of Iseult

The Piano Tuner

Electronic Music

Stay tuned for some upcoming collaborations and electronic EP release!