Alex Arnold

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Below you can find a small sample of some of my recent video projects. Stay tuned for some exciting new additions in the coming months! I am always open to chat about any ideas and love working on new and challenging video projects, so please contact me with your concept and let’s make it a reality. 

Wolf in Disguise – Allen Snow

Music video for Allen Snow‘s track “Wolf in Disguise” recorded by Allen Snow & The Quorum. 

Shot on Panasonic GH5 across multiple days and locations. 

Willy Wonka Promotional Video – Shot for West Kings High School

Working on Willy Wonka was a rollercoaster 2 days of production. Shot on the first day and edited on the second this promo set forth to showcase the work and genuine care that goes into making any theatre production.

Shot on Panasonic GH5 with Sigma 18-35 & Lumix 35-100. 

Strata – Filmed at Open Waters 2022 at The Music Room in Halifax

This piece of live music was an improvisation between Norm Adams and Brandon Auger that utilized prerecorded pieces from previous open waters performances to create a slowly shifting soundscape.

The video was shot live using The Music Room’s three PTZ cameras controlled with a joystick and video switcher.

Sugarplume – Filmed at Open Waters 2022 at the Music Room in Halifax

“Rebecca Fairless, Carmel Farahbakhsh, and India Gailey craft delicately layered soundbaths from the sonorous tones of various objects, stringed instruments, electronics, and vocal sounds. Together they form an aural landscape that is intricately spacious and melodious, with just enough grit.” – Upstream

Rebecca Fairless, looper 
Carmel Farahbakhsh, electric violin
India Gailey, cello