Alex Arnold

(902) 209-9714

"The magic can happen in a studio. Special things can happen in a recording studio, even though it may seem like a clinical environment from the outside looking in." - Benny Green

Recording Studio

I work out of my humble home studio which includes an acoustic upright piano, guitars, basses, synths, an acoustic upright bass, as well as a large collection of high quality samples that can be added to any production. A small curated selection of microphones makes it easy to capture natural tones in the acoustically treated space. It is also the perfect place to track live instruments for use in other projects or remote collaborations.

For larger productions or drum set recording I work out of Compact Audio Recording Studio. 

I am interested in recording all genres of music and love experimenting with new sounds and techniques to add something special to each track. Let me know about your project!

On Site Recording

Capturing the true essence of a live performance is an impossible task, but preserving a fragment of that energy, both in video and audio format, lets you and others transport themselves into that moment and relive part of that experience. 

There are multiple scalable options for how to record a live concert or event ranging from a single camera and stereo microphones, to multiple cameras and multitrack audio. No matter how far you want to take it what you get is a highly professional, polished recording that you can share or use for auditions, applications, etc.

Let me know about your event!


Mixing is the middleman between a raw recording and the final master. It puts all the pieces of the puzzle together and fine tunes levels and timbre to fit the vision of the music.

I offer mixing services for all genres of music from hip-hop to classical. In addition I have experience mixing live music including doing sound for local bands like Merimac.

Pirate Jenny on Spotify - Recorded and mixed at Compact Audio


There is a certain art that goes into making a livestream engaging for its viewers that elevates it beyond a simple zoom call. Multiple cameras, or even one well placed camera with the right lighting, can upgrade your event from "a live event that people can watch online I guess..." to a true livestream endeavour with audience engagement and professional production.

Expand the reach of your event by broadcasting it to anyone worldwide!